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Paul Gauguin’s paintings that sold more than 3 trillion

Paul Gauguin’s paintings that sold more than 3 trillion -one of the painters whose works are probably not very appreciated that just turns out that with 1 painting he can cost as much as 300 usd

Paul Gauguin was a French post-Impressionist painter who was not appreciated until his death. Gauguin is now recognized as an experimental painter and synthetist of the colors he used. A distinctly different style from Impressionism. Towards the end of his life he spent ten years in Polynesia, and most of his recent paintings depict people and landscapes from that region.

From the painting meaning that Tahiti is depicted as an innocent heaven, the two women in the painting face the audience in a manner similar to that in Manet’s Le déjeuner sur l’herbe (1863) or Olympia (1863), and the artistic tradition of comparing The breast of a woman with flowers or fruit that turns out to be The woman in the painting also appears in two other works by Gauguin, Faa Iheihe (Tahitian Pastoral) (1898) and Rupe, Rupe (1899). [1]

sold is a painting of two Tahitian women by French painter, Paul Gauguin, for US $ 300 million or around Rp. 3.8 trillion. which the Qatari oil tycoon bought from Swiss collector Rudolf Staechelin.

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