This is The Reason Why You Are Wasteful

This is The Reason Why You Are Wasteful – Evidently, most people spend nearly 980 thousand each month on unused items. It is also evident that they feel regret after shopping, because they do not need these items. Most people also feel sorry after shopping, because they don’t really need these items. How to manage finances is indeed a major problem for those who are young and pursuing a career. In fact, many of these young workers don’t really care about their financial problems. If the wallet is empty, then they wonder where their money went.

Here are things that you think are important, but apparently make wasteful.

1. Drink Premium Coffee

The habit of drinking coffee is often the reason for the swelling expenditure. Especially if you are used to drinking premium coffee which is quite expensive.

Even though coffee has become a necessity to support work, this will be a big problem if you drink premium coffee every day.

To work around this, you can reduce the habit of coffee in cafes and replace it by making coffee at home or at the office.

2. Eating Out

Those who live in big cities will usually be more “calculated” time than money. Due to the complicated urban situation, traffic jams, and time-consuming jobs, many people find it difficult to control their spending. Especially if it touches the stomach problem.

For reasons of practicality and “saving time”, eating out is preferred over cooking your own food at home. In fact, this choice is actually the main reason you are wasteful, lo.

3. Online Transportation

Online transportation is indeed a big “reinforcement” when you live in an urban area. Congested urban traffic, as well as the difficulty of reaching public transportation–making online transportation, especially online motorcycle taxis, become the favorite mode of urbanites.

Indeed, the price of online motorcycle taxis is relatively cheaper if the distance traveled is close enough. However, because of the distance, the cost will certainly swell if the distance is far enough. Try to be smarter in using online motorcycle taxis by adjusting the distance to go and alternate using public transportation combined with online motorcycle taxis.

By using public transportation such as Busway, KRL, or public transportation, the fees that must be paid, will be much cheaper and with longer distances than if you have to pay for online motorcycle taxis or online taxis, which are much more expensive.

4. Update Gadgets

Every year gadgets will continue to innovate their products. Every new product that comes out will probably look very tempting considering the sophistication and the increasingly diverse features it has.

However, if you continue to follow the development of gadget innovation, your savings can run out. Rather than keep updating your gadgets, it’s better for you to stick to one gadget that can support your work.

5. Excessive Beauty Treatments

Taking care of the body and face is necessary, especially if you live in an urban area with a very high level of pollution. Certain body treatments will be needed to avoid the bad effects of weather and pollution on the skin.

However, excessive in caring for beauty will only drain the pocket. Especially if you are forced to buy expensive beauty products and do salon or spa treatments in places that are also known to be expensive.

6. Upgrade Pay TV Service to Premium

Upgrading subscription TV services to premium will indeed make you have many TV channels from local and international.

However, if it’s for personal needs, it may not be so necessary considering that you spend more time in the office and on the streets. Not even premium, you can still get entertainment from other TV channels, really.

7. Premium BBM

There are various types of fuel ranging from the cheapest prices to premium ones which are quite draining. There is also fuel from state or local companies to products from foreign companies.

If you are used to filling up from foreign companies at a higher price, it is better to choose fuel from a local company with a high octane, but at an affordable price.

8. Drugs Without Generic

When you are sick and need medication, it is better to choose generic drugs according to a doctor’s prescription. Because generic drugs will be cheaper than having to redeem drugs without generics.

9. Take a Yoga Class

Yoga at home sometimes has a lot of distractions. Starting from the voices of other residents of the house, or the desire to enjoy TV.

Office routines and the amount of pressure at work will have an impact on higher stress levels. Some people choose to take yoga classes at the gym to treat stress.

Well, instead of spending a lot of money on paying for classes, it is better to do yoga at home with the help of videos from YouTube.

10. Quit Smoking

Smoking habits are one of the main causes of wasteful in managing finances. If a pack of cigarettes is valued at Rp. 15 thousand and runs out in one day, in 1 month you have spent Rp. 450 thousand just for this bad habit.

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